The Talentology platform is a digital dashboard that provides world-class user experience for candidates & hiring managers. Talentology improves hiring effectiveness and reduces hiring time by up to 70%!

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52% of recruiters say their time-to-hire is 3+ weeks, and costs more than $4,000 per hire! 

To make matters worse... 

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Under Traditional Talent Management...

of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out online job applications because of their length or complexity

The Solution: Talentology

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Automates profile creation using Cleareye’s advanced AI document processing engine Jasper to ingest and extract relevant information from resumes

Algorithmic matching of candidates to job opportunities producing superior results compared to manual matching performed by humans

Automated ranking of candidates based on configurable parameters 

Actionable insights for hiring managers to improve hiring effectiveness

Integrates with most HR & applicant tracking systems, and can ingest a wide variety of resume layouts and formats.’s 


A fully automated “Talent Experience Platform” Powered by Jasper.

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of job seekers will likely reject a job offer because of a bad candidate experience

of candidates think that 
the job descriptions are unclear




Improved Hiring Effectiveness
Accurately match the right profile to the job opportunities by considering various factors such as skills, experience, educational qualification, location while eliminating human bias.

Continuous Improvement
Ingest and analyze vast volumes of data to make the right hiring decision. As data accumulates over time, AI systems learn and improve.

Superior Customer Service
Intelligent AI powered chatbots uses NLP to communicate with the candidate better.

Intelligence Augmentation
Advanced AI systems assist hiring managers by providing actionable insights for hiring.

Unstructured Data like Resumes and Job opportunities

Our AI Identifies & 
Contextualizes Information

Actionable Insights for both Candidate and Hiring Manager

Talentology at Work:

Business Benefits

Improved Quality of Hire

Unbiased Hiring Decisions

Integration with HR Systems

Improved Time to Hire


Faster time to Candidate interview. Get an instant listing of qualified candidates with ranking for all the open positions


Reduction in cost to hire. 
Discover the most qualified candidates from the candidate pool in a matter of minutes


Improvement in Candidate relevance. Match candidates to the jobs that best fit their skills

  • Resumes
  • Job Descriptions
  • University Ranking
  • Company Data

  • ATS Data
  • HRIS Data
  • Past Applicants
  • LMS Data



Reduced Cost per Hire

Increased Candidate Satisfaction

The Talentology Difference

Pre-trained machine learning model based extraction of relevant information from resumes

Ability to integrate with most HR & applicant tracking systems 

Ability to handle a wide variety of layouts 
of resumes

Proprietary skills taxonomy that can be enriched over time in an automated manner                                               

Algorithm based automated matching of candidates to job opportunities

World-class user experience for candidates & hiring managers

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